About Us

Kasthuri is a 24 hour Entertainment Kannada language television channel that was launched on 26 September . This is the first channel by a Kannidaga. Mrs.Anitha Kumaraswamy wife of ex-chief minister of Karnataka Mr.H.D. Kumaraswamy is Managing Director of Kasthuri Medias Pvt. Ltd.

Kasthuri is the only TV channel owned by a Kannadiga. All other kannada TV channels are owned by other language people. The channel is an infotainment channel, with 40 percent news contents.

Taking pride that Kasthuri will be the first Kannada channel to have been started by a Kannadiga,Mr.H.D.Kumaraswamy said the idea was conceived by him in 1995, when he was producing films.

Mrs.Anitha Kumarswamy has promised to launch two more 24-hour TV channels, devoted to music and news.

"The channel will maintain its independence while telecasting news and views of political developments," says Mrs.Anitha Kumaraswamy,whose business interests include film production and distribution.

"In that way, we will not function like many other channels of other languages, which are controlled by politicians," she averts. Being Mr. H.D.Kumaraswamy's wife does not make her compromise on the values she has believed in. "My channel will be primarily a pro-Kannada Channel. This is the first Kannada TV channel owned by a Kannadiga. This is our major USP. All other Kannada channels are owned by people from other states. I have engaged the best people in my endeavour to give the best entertainment and news value to viewers," she says.
Mrs.Anitha Kumaraswamy, MD