Programs in Kasthuri

Kasthuri Devotional Programs
1. Swara Madhurya - Mon-wed at 6:05pm
This program is made for all who love classical music which has Dasara pada, bhakthi geethegalu etc. These songs were sung by leading playback singers.
2. Divya Degula - Mon-Fri at 7:00am
Each day visit to a holy temple across Karnataka. In each episode all information about a temple is given. Information provided is also supported by videos.
1. Nagmani: Mon to Fri at 09:30pm
The power of God Nagamma "NAGMANI".
2. Sai Baba: Sat and Sun at 9:30pm
The serial is based on divine wonders of Sri Shirid Sai Baba

Programs on Health
1. BGS Doctor's Diary: Sat at 09.05am
A specialist from medicine gives details about some ailments. Phone calls are attended from the needful and suitable suggestions are provided.
Comedy Shows
1. Nakara Bakara: Sat and Sun at 10:00pm
This is a comedy based program, Where a Nakara Bakara team will make you to understand, how the people get cheated daily.
Children Based Programs
1. Kamanabillu: Mon to Fri at 06:30pm
Children based programme Talented kids perform their talent in this stage, and also they give certain tips which helps childrens.
Kasthuri Film Based Programs
1. Reel Suddhi: Sat at 08:30am
The shortcut to sandalwood news. All the gossips, the new films signed, audio launches etc., what the viewer expects from the Kannada film industry is here.
2. Phata Phat: Sat & Sun at 8:00am
If you just want to know which film has the latest songs just tune to ‘Phata Phat’. This slot gives you the perfect choice for the new film songs every Saturday and Sunday.
3. Cini Club: Sun at 1:30pm
This programme gives you the preview of the latest kannada movies.
Non Fiction Programs
1. Just Travel: Sun at 12:00noon
The program is made for everyone who just love to travel, where we visit different places every week and show the importance about that place.
2. Jeevan Mukhi: Wed- Fri at 10:30am
Its an Womens Based Programme (Women's Magazine), where we show diffrent concepts daily regarding women related issues Example. Hair style, Facial etc.
Cookery Shows
1. Bhanuvarada Baadoota: Sun at 12:30am
Enjoy each Sunday watching non-veg cooking. Authentic way of preparing non-vergetarian food is the main highlight of this program.
2. Nalapaka: Mon-Fri at 12:30am
This is a cookery show. From Monday to Friday regular housewives will be our guests of the show. On Sunday’s it will be the husband and the wife who are the participants of the show.
Event Shows
1. Super Samsaara: Sun at 11:05am
A game show filled with lots of fun which is hosted by Ravishankar and Anusha in every part of the karnataka.